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Classic motorcycle race parts specialising in
Honda twin 350 K4

CAT components and services are used by top tuners and home builders in many country’s with numerous top results and championships now achieved.

Honda 350 Twin Classic Racing Motorcycle
Honda 350 Twin Classic Racing Motorcycle Club winning machine

Nikasil coated cylindersNikasil coated cylinders
Nikasil coated cylinders conversions to all twin and single cylinder engines, close tolerance diamond hone cross hatch finish. Improves motor efficiency, weight saving, better heat dispersion, eliminates risk of expansion seizure, improves BHP. Service includes full renovation of cylinder, decking etc.
Nikasil coated cylinder
Nikasil coated cylinder

CAT Honda Race ValvesCAT Honda Race Valves
Valves are one piece forged stainless steel, wasted to assist with port flow. Lightweight and incredibly strong, stem finish is state of the art pulse plasma. This finish works well in Standard guides and Bronze guides. Valve tip finish is Stellite. CAT valves will NOT burr or peen over in use. A further advantage of using CAT Race valves is that they have two collet grooves. This allows flexibility with regards to fitted spring lengths and spring base thicknesses.

Valve weight inlet 42gms
Valve weight ex 40 gms

All types of Crank Shaft rebuilds
Dynamic Balancing Service

Crank lighteningCrank lightening
Crank lightening, polishing, rebuild service with dynamic balancing matched and polished con rods, small end bushes, rocker arms matched and polished. Camshafts both Megacycle and Joy. Standard or lightened and polished to customer requirements, spring sets including titanium caps, collets and spacers etc. Standard finish or with polished caps. High tensile cylinder head studs sets.
Crank lightening
Crank lightening

Camshaft conversions
Camshaft carrier conversion to heavy-duty needle rollers, includes hard sleeving of camshaft, fitting of needle rollers into modified carriers. Camchain steel tensioner roller complete with needle roller for fitment to standard arm. Camchains best quality DiD. Close ratio gear clusters utilising some standard gears. Sprocket and chain sets alloy rear, full range of sizes, steel front, the best Regina 520 GP chains.

Standard clutch basket improvements

Clutch basket improvements
Standard clutch basket improvements, lightening, truing.
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