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Ministry of Justice compliant manufacturers (Home Office No. 2587)

C.A.T. Security screws and bolting
C.A.T. can supply proprietary security and tamper resistant screws and fixings. However, C.A.T. security fixings has its own range of high secure and unique drive bolt systems. These are used by a variety of end users for high risk high secure establishments of all types in many countries.

Security fixings.

These are normal screws, bolts and fixings used for everyday fittings, fixtures, doors, panels etc. in commercial, public and domestic applications. The head configuration can be, if so desired, designed for each customer with the screwdrivers and key drivers unique to that user.

  1. Are you losing items that are screwed down with conventional screws? Then use security headed fixings.
  2. Do you wish to keep something or somebody out, or even in? Then use security headed fixings on doors, panels, flooring, control equipment and instruments.
  3. Are you concerned about public safety? Then use security headed fixings on wall panels and all building services etc.
The list of applications is endless.
  1. Substantial savings on pilfering.
  2. Savings on maintenance costs.
  3. All fixings are re-useable.
  4. Higher Public Safety Levels.
Most types and sizes of wood screws and bolts in Stainless Steel, Brass, and Mild Steel.

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C.A.T. Security fixings can be made from almost any materials i.e. stainless steel, brass and mild steel of most grades with a variety of finishes. The added advantage of C.A.T. security fixings against tamper resistant products is that a customer can purchase his own drive configuration, the fixings and drivers are sold only to that one particular customer therefore security is increased . The C.A.T. bolting range is endless, from 3mm to 60mm depending on the application with specials to suit individual customer requirements.

C.A.T. Cam Bolt and Key C.A.T. Multi Pin Bolt and Key

C.A.T. Cam Bolt and Key

C.A.T. Multi Pin Bolt and Key

Drivers for the C.A.T. fixings come in many forms, a conventional driver, a 'T' bar driver or a driver bit for use in cordless drivers and drills. It is constructed from the finest aircraft specification stainless steels and the components are hardened and ground and are totally serviceable. C.A.T. Securings in addition to their 4 pin systems has a range of fixings called Cam Head and Multi Pin bolts mostly used in much heavier applications of which has the same variant qualities of the 4 pin fixings. C.A.T. are Ministry of Justice compliant manufacturers and Home Office Approved (Approval number 2587) and currently supply Her Majesty's Prisons, High Security Hospitals, The Home Office, and a number of security conscious companies and establishments and has recently been accredited by a Ministry Body to 'S.E.A.P 3' security level.

C.A.T. for Security
We also offer consultancy and design facilities with regard to any security fixing requirement.

Shear Bolts and Shear Nuts
Security Access Covers
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