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Fire Detection Equipment

All products designed and supplied by us to the highest standard in house and not available from third parties, C.A.T. products have a 100% performance record spanning over 30 years.

C.A.T. products are unique in their performance criteria beware of imitators; all products are covered by copyright

Cable suspension systems
for heat sensitive cable installation
C.A.T. Cable suspension systems come in many types and forms and are used primarily by installers of systems within petrochemical plants, oil storage, road tunnels, conveyers systems, power stations etc. C.A.T. supplies every type of cable suspension bracket as well as all special and specific products for those types of plants.
C.A.T. Rectractable Cable Collector
C.A.T. Rectractable Cable Collector
The C.A.T. Retractable Cable Collector for use on floating roof oil storage tanks.
Part no: C/CC
Cable Reelers
Units specifically for detection systems relating to floating roof tank oil facilities. We can offer, this product to comply with both analogue and digital detection systems.

Cable Reeler

Cable Reeler:
Cable Reeler
Part no: C/CR

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C.A.T. Cable Test Oven
C.A.T. Cable Test Oven
C.A.T. Cable Test Oven

Commissioning and routine testing of the linear detection system will be enhanced to the benefit of the end user by site VERIFICATION of calibrated alarm temperature levels.

The most accurate method of testing being the employment of a controlled and monitored exposure to high temperature without damage to the heat sensitive cable.

The portable 'ONE METRE' OVEN concept of testing, allows accessible one metre installed lengths of sensor cable to be subjected to temperatures within the 75°C - 160°C range. Thus confirming correct calibration setting selection and alarm levels in accordance with project specification requirements.

Where sensor installation is within Intrinsically Safe classified areas or may be inaccessible for oven use, an additional one metre length may be 'series' wired with existing cable (sensor and/or interconnecting cables) to allow testing to be carried out local to the electronic interface unit. Without adversely affecting system performance levels.

Fire Detection Support Systems
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